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Moritz von Unger

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Dr. Moritz von Unger is the founder, senior counsel, and attorney (Rechtsanwalt) specializing in European and public and private international law. He has extensive experience in advising on regulatory questions concerning emissions trading worldwide, climate finance mechanisms, carbon project structuring and due diligence - including on land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) projects. He assists the private sector as well as governments with UNFCCC and carbon-related litigation and negotiations, and he is an expert in high-level regulatory and institutional country climate transformations and capacity-building. As a former member of the European Commission staff, he is a first-hand authority on public and administrative law and brings a deep sensitivity to working with multi-party international organizations. Moritz holds a Ph.D. (Doctor iuris) in international law and is a member of the bars of Berlin and Brussels. He is also associated with the FAO Working Group on Peatlands. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking expeditions, climbing mountains, exploring forests, and reading detective novels.