About Us


We founded Atlas based on one simple idea: impact with integrity. This means applying the most effective and thoughtful legal strategies to safeguard the sustainability of both our economies and our environment. We believe that private business should work closely with governments in the responsible use of natural resources, growing wealth with one hand while preserving endangered ecosystems and biodiversity with the other.

We pride ourselves on the goals we share with our clients: to develop legal strategies that will protect and benefit both sides of the table, strategies that recognize how confronting climate change is also an opportunity to build a truly green economy that secures our planet's survival.

At Atlas we continually refine and enhance our approach to respond to the evolving needs of the fast-changing environmental and climate law sector, and we work with a global network of experts - from economists to biologists, from political historians to social scientists - to deliver the most timely and relevant legal advice to a wide array of clients across the public and private sphere.